DIVORCED AT 30 (That wasn’t my plan!)

Divorced at 30 was not a blog I ever wanted to be the author of – but I am. So…… how does someone who is divorced become the voice of experience in keeping your Relationship together?


Ohhh it's rough but a common occurrence in relationships. Why? Because for some of us when we get hurt, we shut down, the walls go up and nothing is going in or out. It’s more of a protection mechanism than a malicious behavior, although that’s very hard...

What to do when you have been hurt by your partner?

There are times in our Relationships when we hurt each other, we are all human and this happens to all of us. Please know I am not referring to massive hurts like infidelity (this is a much bigger topic and outside the realm of this blog).

I am talking about the hurts when things are said or done that perhaps weren’t meant, weren’t thought through enough or through your partners lack of insight, judgment or consideration you were hurt.

Things have changed since the baby came along …..

I had a brave mumma send me through a question yesterday which she was hoping I could answer for her.

She is 30 years old married and has a 6 month old baby, she has noticed a decreased in affection, sex and intimacy with her husband since the bubba has come along. She has put on some weight post baby and is missing the affection from hubby – she wants to know what I would advise.

Resentment – The Unspoken Relationship Poison

Often couples think if they just keep the peace, don’t express their opinion, keep quiet, don’t cause an argument then this is better for their relationship and I can whole heartedly tell you 90% of the time it is not.

Friendship: Your Relationship’s Bullet Proof Vest. How good of a friend are YOU?

Your friendship however is like the foundation of a house, and your family and life that you’ve built together is the house. If the foundation gets a crack in it, or even a few over time, what’s going to happen? That’s right, the house is in jeopardy, and it may even fall down. This is exactly what happens in relationships when we don’t invest enough time and effort into them. If we don’t look after the most CRUCIAL ingredient in keeping your family happy, strong and together, (the FRIENDSHIP) the cracks start to appear.